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Hi there!

This is my blog about my life in Finnish Lapland. I was born in the South of Finland but moved to Lapland in 2006 mainly to study but also to explore the northern part of my home country for some years. I like to spend time out in the nature and I do a lot of photography and outdoor activities. Indoors I study and improve among other things my self-esteem and try to cope with issues coming up regarding my own aging and my children and grandchildren.

I got my Bachelor’s degree of Tourism from Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences as an adult student in April 2010 and I have been working as a tourist worker for several service providers in Lapland during my studies, but mainly after my exam. I will tell you about the experiences I have got from my work places but also from all the outdoor activities, like ice-fishing, fishing and skiing, I have tried during my stay here as well as reports about the Lapland nature, its animals and Northern Lights as well as the Midnight Sun. I will also enlighten you a bit about the Lapish history and its culture.

Rovaniemi is the official home town of Santa Claus, so I will naturally tell you a lot about him and his life also. I happen to have some really near-by experiences from him.

The Lapish culture and its people have been of my great interest and the nature with all its special flora and fauna has impressed me a lot and given me the inspiration and motivation to start this blog.


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