Santa Claus

As it is Christmas time I want to share some links with you, from where you can check out what Santa Claus is doing these days.

This camera is from inside Santa Claus office at the Arctic Circle. Santa is there every day of the year, even in summer, from 9-17 in Finnish time.

Jessi och Dagny hos tomten våren 2008

This video was taken yesterday on December 23rd, 2013, as Santa was taking off from Arctic Circle to visit all children all over the world and give presents:

IMG_2827 IMG_2075

And here are more info about Santa Claus’ office at the Arctic Circle. You should visit it some time!



You can also read more about the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus village here.

And you have three more weeks time to visit SantaPark also.

With these links I wish you all a Very, Merry Christmas and thank you all more than 8,000 visitors I have had on my blog since April 2013 when I started. Se you soon!


What is Santa Claus doing in summer time?

In summer Santa and his elves are of course busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas and making Christmas gifts to all children all over the world, but they do have time to rest, too. They spend a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful nature of Lapland, they enjoy the midnight-sun and go fishing. Santa also goes fishing, but he never catch anything. The reason for that is that Santa never uses a hook when he is fishing. He never hunts, either. Santa loves all animals and the animals love him. He cannot see any reason to do hunting and fishing.

Santa’s reindeer are all out in the forest during summer, so he does not have to take care of them and he has a lot of spare time when he can do other nice things.

Santa summer

Santa fishingSanta goes fishing just to sit in a boat out on a lake, on a lake’s shore or on a river’s shore and enjoy the quietness of the surrounding Lapland forest. He thinks it is a perfect time to do some thinking and remembering about pleasant times and happy people he met during Christmas, on these fishing trips. He also walks in the forest and listens to the voices of the wilderness. He also spends time preparing the next Christmas delivery by reading children’s letters. He gets letters from children all year around, not only before Christmas. He also likes to read books on his free time. He is very amused by books that claim to reveal “the secrets” about him. He thinks it could be of importance for him to know what people are talking about out there before they come to visit him in his office.

Santa also enjoys swimming in the clear water of Lapland lakes in the summer. He also sometimes goes swimming in the winter through a hole in the ice, but the hole has to be chopped quite big then. One of Santa’s favourite things to do is to take short naps now and then. The summer nights in Lapland are so light with the midnight sun, so it is hard for both people and elves to sleep during the nights. That is one reason to take short naps during the daytime.

In summer Santa also opens up his favourite cavern, SantaPark, just outside Rovaniemi city. The park is open during Christmas season, but Santa has decided to open it in the summer, too, so children who do not have time to visit him on Christmas could get a chance to meet him and his crazy elves in summer. This year SantaPark opens it door on June 17th at 10 am and the cavern is open every day except for Sundays and June 22nd during the summer until August 10th. Check the home page for more detailed program and other information.

IMG_2139 IMG_2154 IMG_2156

This summer Santa has renewed the One Hundred Years Curriculum Elf School in SantaPark. It is a top secret until you attend the Elf school yourself and find out what it is. I can’t wait to learn the new things in Elf school! It would be nice to meet the tallest and the shortest Professor Elf of SantaPark once again!


On the opening day, June 17th, you can watch the Niko – the reindeer-movie “Little Brother, big trouble” on the main stage at 2 pm. The Ice Gallery of Santa Park has also been renewed this summer. You might spot some familiar figures from the movie there.

Here is a link to a short movie telling what Santa Claus does in the summer time, on times he does not sit in his cavern meeting interesting guests from all over the world.

IMG_2200The Santa Claus village is open every day also during summer, and you can cross the Arctic Circle just outside Santa Claus’ office. In summer you can see the white line marking the Arctic Circle, which is covered by snow in winter time.






A visit to Santa Claus’ office on the Arctic Circle

Did you know you can meet Santa Claus every single day during the year in his office in the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle just outside Rovaniemi city? Only on Christmas Eve he is not in his office due to certain reasons…, but he returns again on Christmas Day to talk to visitors from all over the world.

IMG_6601The Arctic Circle and the Santa Claus Village are situated approx. 6 km:s north from the city center of Rovaniemi near the road number 4 that goes to Ivalo and Inari. You cannot miss it with the spectacular roofs on the buildings. The building with Santa’s office inside has the special Santa’s picture on the roof.


In the Santa Claus Village (link with a lot of information, also a live cam from Santa’s office; not always working, sorry) you can cross the Arctic Circle for the first (or the last?) time in your life. The Arctic Circle is marked on the ground in the middle of the village and also with a blue wire between the houses in the village to be seen also in winter time when the ground is covered with snow.


Your crossing of the Arctic Circle can be documented by an Arctic Circle crossing diploma you can buy at the Information desk.

The main building is of course the Santa Claus office where you can meet Santa Claus himself. On your way to see Him some days there might be a long queue, but I can assure you there is a lot to experience and look at on you way to your goal and the queuing is done inside the building so you do not need to worry about any minus degrees outside and how they would affect a waiting. You can learn the story of how it is possible for Santa to visit all children all around the world in just one night. On calmer days of the year there is supposedly no queue at all and you get to meet Santa right away.

As you enter the special door to Santa’s inner office the excitement and expectations are of course high. Everything depends, of course, on how interested you actually are in meeting Him. You should not bother if you do not believe in Santa….The whole atmosphere inside Santa’s office is like a fairy-tale and you’d better live a fairy-tale yourself to get the most out of the visit.

Santa speaks a lot of languages, like Chinese and Japan, but you must not be disappointed if he does not know your own language. The meeting is still a success. His warm eyes and his smooth voice and the feeling when you can sit close to your “idol” are everything needed for the success.

During your visit you will be asked by a photo elf to smile and a photo is taken of you as you meet Santa Claus. The meeting is also video recorded from the beginning to the end. The length of your meeting is very much depending on how long a queue is waiting outside the door. I, myself, had the great opportunity to meet Santa for the first time on a day with no queue at all, and that made my day! I will never forget that.

Jessi och Dagny hos tomten våren 2008

On your way out from the inner office you will meet elves who give you the opportunity to buy this special photo or get the video stored on a USB memory stick to take home with you. But this is absolutely optional.

Outside the Santa’s office there are several buildings in the village with a lot of Christmas related things to buy for your own memory or as gifts to take home with you, and Christmas carols are played on the loudspeakers every day of the year!

There is also the special official Santa Claus’ Main Post Office, from where you can send some greetings with the special Santa’s stamp on. You can actually choose when your card should reach the addressee; this Christmas or the next. All the letters from children all over the world to Santa arrive to this Post office and Santa reads them all. At Christmas 2012 Santa received over half a billion letters. He has several elves to help him answering the letters. This year he has sent 43,000 letters to 231 different countries. Everyone, who wants gets an answer from Santa! The address is: Santa Claus’ Main Post Office, Santa’s Workshop Village, 96930 Arctic Circle, but from the letters shown in the Post Office you can see addresses on them like: Santa Claus, Finland or Santa Claus, Arctic Circle, that have also reached the right “person”.


So far, the elves have found 184 countries from which Santa has received a total of nearly eight million items in the past 20 years. The address to Santa Claus is: Santa Claus, Tähtikuja 1, FIN-96930 Arctic Circle, Finland.


On the evening before Christmas Eve Santa Claus turns up outside the office to leave for his trip around the world. He is followed by thousands of people taking farewell every year.



Depending on the winter, how much snow there is and of other reasons, there are also built several “icy” devices around the Santa Claus office. Sometimes there is an ice café and sometimes a “snow village”. Everything to give the visitor from foreign countries the real feeling of snow and winter.


In winter time outside in Santa Claus Village there is always an ice slope for children and this is very popular. Even so that the experience to slide down this slope is remembered by many children all over the world to be the thing they remember most from the visit to Santa Claus Village. That depends a lot on how the fairytale has been dealt with and the Christmas spirit is built at your home and told before the visit. You could say the parents have a great deal to cope with depending on how they want the visit to be remembered afterwards….Am I right?